• Georgina Graham



    Georgina graduated from the Institute for Optimum Nutrition in London, founded by Patrick Holford in 2006. She became a director of STS Fitness and Nutrition in 2008 when she moved to New Zealand for 6 years. 

    She moved back to her home town, Cheltenham, in March 2012 to start Cotswold Better Health after furthering her knowledge in the busy capital, Wellington. 
    George helps sufferers of a large number of health and sports performance problems through making effective diet & supplement recommendations. She always strives to help her clients achieve a higher well-being and maintains a bustling practice with the majority of new clients coming through positive word of mouth. 

    She also runs "Forever Trim", these groups combine weight loss and health coaching for a life changing outcome. George believes health coaching is the missing link from other major weight loss plans. It bridges the gap between having the knowledge and making it real. People make changes for life and stop yo yo dieting

    Whilst running the business she has had two children, so has had the opportunity to experience and put to practice her knowledge of pregnancy, early childhood nutrition/weaning. She has a passion for getting the food right in the beginning of life, getting to the bottom of any health issues early to prevent this becoming worse later on in life.

    She specialises in allergy/intolerance testing and believes this is vital to achieve Optimal Health

    After children, George is now getting back into running and Triathlon and has a passion for helping people achieve their sporting goals.    

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