Eat to Run: Summer Edition

Enjoy a season of healthy meals which are easy to prepare and taste great! 

Barbecue food

What You Get

3 Weeks of Help, Guidance and Support to Give You The Tools You Need to Feel Amazing Everyday


A Recipe Book Unlike Any you've used before

Easy to follow recipes which are quick to prepare and tasty. 

The book starts with list of contents and recipes followed by the fundamental guidelines you can apply to every meal and snack to gain better energy/sleep and much more...

The recipes are then broken into Breakfasts, Lunches, Dinners and Snacks so you can quickly find what you want and get your ingredients ready. 


Qualified Guidance for Personalised Results

Unlimited questions and answers with your own Nutritionist

Imagine having someone to turn to whenever you have questions come up about your food.

George is available to answer questions throughout the programme so you can get back to the lifestyle you want. 


Support and Inspiration through a Closed Facebook Group

Interact with and learn from other members through pictures and posts

Use this group to review each of the recipes, ask questions, discuss your challenges and support other members. 

You'll love being part of a group who are all working to clean up their diet. 

Most members of the group will be members of Cheltenham Running Club so you'll have more than just food in common. 

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What Past Participants Are Saying

Lost 7 pounds and still leaning up beyond the programme!

It was full of simple recipes that encouraged me to start cooking again. It helped me understand how to eat balanced meals that also ensured I got my five a day every day.

I lost about 7 pounds in weight and I am able to maintain that. Today I am a stone lighter than when I started the plan.

Jon Owen

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